Hi, I'm Zack.

A product designer working on design systems.


Architecting For Growth
Architecting for Growth
Building a foundation for the future of Raken.
Raken Checklists
Creating a new feature to grow Raken's safety offering.
EZ Retro
EZ Retro
Developing a tool for agile sprint retrospectives.
Sendlane Automation Editor
Email Automation Editor
Designing a new experience for email automation.
Exotag's Blood Product Monitor View
Blood Product Monitor
Tackling blood wastage at Stanford Hospital.


Iā€™m a Sr. Product Designer at Aero working on the next generation of travel. Before joining Aero, I was a Lead Product Designer at Raken and co-founder of Code Cartel.

I am passionate about web products and have extensive experience across mobile and desktop too. I'm interested in developing design systems and working closely with developers to produce quality digital products.

When I'm not working, I enjoy coding and mentoring aspiring designers.

The best way to reach me is via LinkedIn.